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Even though Grounded Mum is a space the primarily supports women’s emotional wellness through groups & mentorship circles… we still love to support families 1:1 when we get the chance… it is doula work that inspired us in the first place.  So, it is always a special honor when the chance to support mums & their families, in the Kelowna, B.C. community, presents itself.

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These are thoughts shared lovingly by Grounded Mums on all of their travels with us.  Our groups are notoriously ‘experience it to believe it’ kind of spaces… so, here you go… their experiences with the intention of prompting yours!

The experience my husband and I had with Sara is above and beyond anybody could have expected. Sara is an individual that has found her true calling. If you have the privilege to have Sara as your doula you will have an amazing journey will be guided by her knowledge, experience and wide open heart leading you with grace and comfort. From the moment you meet to the moment your child is in your arms you will feel safe and guided through all decision making. No matter what your background or past experiences may hold she supports and ensures you. There will not be a birthday that goes by for my son where I will not think of her and my heart fill with gratitude for her services and encouragement.
We don’t have enough words to say how much Sara meant to our family throughout the birth of our son Onyx. She held space for us in a very special and intense time of growth in our lives through pregnancy and into parenthood. She worked flexibly around my partner’s out of town schedule. She was an essential part of my birth prep (aka motherhood and spirit prep), and my birth team, along with Ty & our doctor. She was the closest damn thing I could have had to having my own mother and sister (who live out of town) with me throughout the experience. She is a wise woman that, for me, embodied and represented all women who have done this for ages and ages. She brought that spirit into my birthing room and helped me through this rite of passage, never letting me get too far from my breath. I have also taken part in her Birth Mum & Fresh Mum classes, which are so special as well. They have helped me to make sense of so much about this experience. I could not imagine it all without Sara’s support. She is the bomb dot com!
I don’t know if I know the words to describe Sara. She has been a confidant and friend throughout my pregnancy and birth of my son. I could not imagine going through this without the support and love I have received from her. She’s held my hand at the toughest of times and laughed with me at the best. Her groups have allowed me to connect with other moms who provide support, knowledge and new friendships. It takes a very special kind of person to do what Sara does. We are blessed to have such a wonderful woman who does such wonderful things in our community. But each meeting with Sara gave me more strength in my ability to be a present, patient mother. I learned the power of a meditation practice, and that along with the many other tools and beautiful affirmations Sara provided has allowed me to truly appreciate each moment with my beautiful babies.